#9: Uni-Lateral Knee-Dominant Exercise. This week I demonstrate 2 more of my favorite exercises. I will show 1 today and the other in another video later this week (sorry, I’ve been busy)! Today is # 9. Instead of an actual specific exercise, it’s actually a movement category. I want to use this opportunity to teach those interested about how I organize and reduce all exercises into fewer categories. This helped me years ago to simplify the way I viewed and organized all movement. Notice that I refer to it as “movement”. It is extremely useful to recognize exercises using specific recognizable movement patterns (instead of only thinking body-parts or exercises for specific body parts). In the next video I will expand more on this idea. #bssbbooks #unilateralexercises#bilateralexercises #kneedominantexercises #hipdominantexercises #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltrainers #austinpersonaltraining#blueskystrongbox

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