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December 22, 2015
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December 6, 2015

(video) TRAP-BAR DEADLIFT CARRIES. One of my favorite exercises. One of the most useful and something you rarely see these days. It does just about everything. It’s even better with double bodyweight. Want a short “strength” workout? Work up to a heavy set. Go home. This ain’t about reps. It’s about load. Effort. Structure. Primal movement. What muscles does it work? Just about everything if it’s challenging enough. For more of a fat loss workout (if there is really such a thing?), you might ask? You could use lighter loads and walk further longer, resting less. Understanding that fat loss is more about diet than anything else, is also an important point to add. Of course, many things must be on-point before attempting this for the first time and obviously, the load should be introductory. In other words, be careful and don’t do dumb sh*t 🙂 #blueskystrongbox

Carlton’s 100LB+ Turkish Getup. Aug 2015.

December 3, 2015

Turkish Getup Part 2 – Time Warner News’ ACTIVE NOW

December 3, 2015

New Weekly Tipz! Austin Time Warner News’ “Active Now” news spot showed me some more on-the-air love this week by filming a follow up video (part 2) of the Turkish Getup. Here, I do my best to demonstrate the the 3rd position (the power position) of the Turkish Getup using a shoe as well as a small weight. It’s like a sit-up to a side-plank but much much more. Everyone should try these. They are for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.


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Workout that only requires a Shoe (Turkish Getup – Part 1 ) – Time Warner News’ ACTIVE NOW

December 3, 2015

Time Warner News’ (Austin) “Active Now” spot showed me a little love last week. Here, I do my best to demonstrate the main first move of the Turkish Getup using a shoe. It’s like a sit-up but much much more.


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Dumbbell Upgrade

December 3, 2015

New Weekly Tipz! This week the message is clear: don’t be afraid to use heavier weight. In broader terms: don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. I see it all too often, people using dumbbells (for example) that are far too easy and light. Of course, there are quite a few others ways to make any exercise more challenging but let’s keep it simple for now. If you can and know how to correctly perform an exercise, with near-perfect form, through a complete pain-free range of motion, then you are ready. How heavy? There is no real wrong answer here. But truth be told, 15+ reps are entirely over-rated for most. Personally, in general, I recommend a weight heavy enough to allow no more than 10 reps, no less than 5 reps. Don’t go too fast, don’t go too slow. In other words, smooth controlled reps. Carry on…

The Superset

December 3, 2015

New Weekly Health & Fitness Tipz! This week i talk about what’s called the “Superset”. It’s nothing more than a way to organize different exercises so that you save time. Instead of doing just one exercise at a time then resting between each round (set), you would now group two different exercises together and perform each of them back to back resting only as needed. Workouts don’t need to be long. I’d argue that 30-45 minutes should be the max. The key is efficiency. Don’t waste time. Don’t play on your phone. Be present, engaged, focused. And try to have some fun.

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