Fat Loss & Meal Frequency

September 1, 2019

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We have an obesity epidemic in America. It’s not talked about enough and sadly, very little is being done about it. The issues are obviously many and complex. Ultimately, each of has to take ownership of every decision we make. With that said, most of us are fully aware that as a nation we eat and drink more than we should. Our culture is built around over-indulgence. Add to that the fact that do much of our food is lacking in quality nutrition. I truly believe a major issue lies in how often we eat and drink each day. The body adapts to our habits, especially habits practiced daily, both good and bad. Eating too often may teach the body to crave food more often, much like a stray animal. Some may only eat 1 meal a day while others might feed as many as 6+ times. Neither scenario is wrong. Many options lie between the two. Any arrangement could prove successful but let’s be clear, eating and drinking too frequently begs for problems. Anytime we consume anything (that’s not plain water) we initiate our digestive process. The body responds to every little bite of food and every tiny sip from a drink. We worry so much about calories but a bigger issue might actually be the frequent hormonal response to our constant feeding. It makes sense to me that the more times we feed, the more we teach our bodies to crave food. For fat loss, this can be problematic. In the early 2ooo’s, it was common to recommend 5+ feedings a day. Some had success. Most of us didn’t. I think it was a bad recommendation. I still do. I think it leads to the development of food addiction and false hunger. I firmly believe most of us do better when we limit our meals (“feedings”) to 2-3 a day, avoid snacking altogether most days. It can take time to retrain the body and he mind (so think weeks and months, not hours or days). This is all my opinion and something I think worth considering. Obviously, this might not apply to anyone with serious medical issues. For that, consult with a qualified professional. #nutrition #personaltrainer #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #fatloss #fatlosstips #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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New Weekly Tipz Video…this week i talk briefly about the influence we as adults have on children. This can be good or not so good. Kids need to see us adults eating healthy foods and movin our asses on a regular basis. They need to know why. Considering the current state of things, kids today don’t stand a chance unless they know better. Don’t expect them to learn it in school. We must lead by example.

May 18, 2011

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