How to Make ANy Exercise More Difficult

November 15, 2019


Inspiration from Centenarians

September 9, 2019

Thoughts on Jumprope

August 20, 2019


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When was the last time you tried to JUMPROPE? It’s probably been a while right? Skipping rope is a legitimate skill that requires practice. It’s not easy in the beginning and does take time but worth the effort. I consider Jumping Rope to be what I call a “fountain of youth” exercise. This would be anything that preserves or builds back movement abilities that we tend to lose quickly with inactivity and aging. The ability to run, hop and jump might seem trivial but it’s the difference between being a “spring chicken” or “old beef jerky”. Jumping Rope is an excellent way to put some “pep back in your step”. It’s also an excellent way to burn some extra calories and improve your conditioning, aka “cardio”. 5-10 minutes is typically all that most can handle in the beginning. It’s ok. Most folks won’t be able to last but about 20 jumps before resting. Some less. You may hit your feet every time the first few tries. That’s ok. Don’t quit. Any effort is good effort. Another thing I really like is that it keeps us on our toes, literally. Crashing down on the heals of the feet is not typically desirable. People often do this while jogging on concrete. This combined with poor running form literally destroys most people’s knees, feet and ankles. Jumprope is a great way to teach the body to absorb force using the calves, the body’s naturally shock absorbers. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #jumprope #healthandfitness

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Plyometrics (Jumping/Hopping)

April 20, 2013

Plyometrics are great for most anyone, especially athletes. Because of this, they might not necessarily be for all beginners. Plyometrics are essentially jumping exercises which can place a lot of stress on the body. Some people might not be ready for this. If you are injured, check with a doctor first. This a great reference for beginners to the advanced, showing the broad range of plymotrics as shown by coach Mike Boyle.




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