In my mind, there are 2 HUGE (extremely popular) exercise myths that have created a lot of problems, as well as helped construct unnecessary barriers for many. However, there are a million reasons (excuses) why most don’t and won’t exercise. I have heard them all. Not enough time is most often what i hear. This week i talk about why most of us don’t need to do exercise extremely hard or extremely long to get what we need done. But don’t misunderstand me, exercise is most certainly supposed to be work. It’s supposed to be challenging. If we don’t continually challenge our minds, bodies, etc, we’ll never really evolve and/or improve. Exercise is important because when done properly, it improves many aspects of health. Losing body fat is just a very, very small part of that. Just because something (anything) is “good” for us does not mean a whole lot more of it is always automatically better.

May 7, 2015

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