New Weekly Health & Fitness Tips! This week i simply wanted to show what AMeRiCAN PoSTuRE looks like and how it happens. Nothing speaks louder than pictures. Some of it is exaggerated to prove a point. W must be mindful of the things we do every day because they may be making things worse. The choice is ours. We need to sit up straight, stand up tall and get off our phones. And remember to move. And when we do move, we should avoid working only the muscles on the front side of the body. Work the backside. Avoid things like crunches, bench press, bicep curls and leg machines if you lack the knowledge of how to balance those exercises out with opposing pulling exercises. (Things like planks, deadlifts, bridges and pulling/rowing movements!)

January 28, 2013

So here we go, New Weekly Tipz for 2013! Today i talk briefly on why exercise is NOT more important than diet for anyone wanting to lose body fat. Focus your precious energy on the food & drink you put in your mouth. Exercise won’t save you until all that is on a much better path. And keep this in mind, don’t just make small changes and expect the world from them. It don’t work like that. However, do start slow and aim to finish strong. Changing habits with food means you get to “practice” that habit multiple times a day. Besides exercise only burns off what fat you already have on you. It’s smarter not to put any more body fat you on in the first place. So by eating smarter you can actually start to burn off fat by creating a “deficit” without having to exercise all day, every day.

January 27, 2013

2013 Carlton Workout/Training Plan for Health/Fitness/Mobility/Strength/Mobility/Invigoration

January 14, 2013

Jan 2013

MEAT & POTATOES: Three days a week (normally Mon/Wed/Fri) my training mimics that of Ben Bruno’s “The Power of 3 Program”, which i think is my personal favorite way to train. 3 lifts each session (push/pull/legs), rotating exercises and rep range each time in a Heavy(3-6reps)/Medium(6-9reps)/Lighter(10-15) load scheme. The “Heavy” exercise is done as a superset with both the “Medium” exercise and the “Light”. 6 sets total for the “Heavy” leaving 3 sets each for both the “Medium” & “Light”. To clarify, 1st superset is “Heavy” + “Medium” for 3 sets each in a superset. Then “Heavy(again” + “Light” for 3 sets each as the last super set. Very simple and very effective.

OFF DAYZ AMALGAMATION: On the other “off days” (normally Tue/Thur/Sat) i am attempting to do at least 1 or any combination of the following exercise challenges, rotating the same H/M/L load scheme depending on how i feel and how i am recovering from the previous workouts: Turkish Getups, KB Swings or Snatches, Farmers Carries or any other variety of the carry. I mostly do these 3! I might do some “power” explosive work or just stretch, do correctives or foam roll/stick if really tired or sore. I also plan to make this my energy system/cardio/interval/GPP/MetCon work for the week. So if need be, i might do some work at the end of each small session as a “finisher” or just wear my heart-rate monitor and make the exercises interval-ish. Make it simple Stupid. The  other obvious option is to go outside and play, not exercise. Have fun is the key. Be outside to any of this!!!

HYPERTROPHY COMPONANT: For each month i am planning on focusing on lean mass gains in at least 1 body part/area, possibly 2, using concepts from Chad Waterbury’s “HFT=High Frequency Training”. This means doing that same exercise each day, everyday for one month, each month. Each day you add 1 rep. I do the first set of each day adding the additional rep, then finish with sets of 10 or 15 for the ease of counting. Make sure to get your Ovaltine, i mean Protein in each day, preferably in varying rotation. I do these separately from my normal workouts if and when possible. It works well between clients. It also works well if i combine a stretch or corrective along with it. Or i can add some core work as well or in addition. Whatever works. The point is to work on weaknesses.

JOINT MOBILITY/SOFT TISSUE FLEXIBILITY: The hairy Russian, Pavel Tsatsouline, has brilliant insight in to many things. His ideas on joint health and flexibility are my focus for this year. I plan to alternate “Super Joint” moves & “Relax into Stretch” moves every day if i can as my morning movement or warmup/movement prep for my daily workouts.

CORRECTIVES/INTERVALS BETWEEN or WITH CLIENTS: My goal is work on my own corrective strategies each day, either while training my clients or between sessions. I plan to be very diligent. I should also plan to use these as warm-ups for each daily workout or in combination with each workout, be that a “meat & potatoes”, interval or energy work, grinds or HFT hypertrophy work. Just get it done. Do it often. Check my progress.

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