Pricing and Policies Regarding Training Sessions & Other Services

*Training sessions are sold in packages (or groups of sessions). Depending on each indivdual’s goals, training packages and pricing may vary. All training packages must be pre-paid in full before any sessions are to be scheduled. The BSSB excepts payments by way of Cash or Personal Check. (I have my reasons for not posting prices but i’m confident that my rates are very fair and will typically always be more affordable than most of the other trainers in town, particularly for a “GOOD” trainer.) So please email me or call (512)569-7636 with any questions. I will be absolutely happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

*FIRST-TIME CLIENTS – For any new prospective clients interested in training, the BSSB provides a one-time FREE 30 minute consultation/evaluation. We will discuss any and all concerns relating to training programs and pricing. For more information please call (512) 569-7636.

*Each individual training session is 50 minutes in total length, unless otherwise specified.

*IMPoRTANT – All clients (including new clients) are required to train a minimum of 2 times a week. (2 times a week is a minimum for a reason. With years of experience training anything less than 2 times a week typically results in poor outcomes and high drop-out rates.)

*IMPoRTANT – The “Minimum” amount of sessions to be sold at any one time is 4 sessions (or a minimum of 2 sessions a week for 2 weeks). Again all sessions must be pre-paid in full before any future sessions are to be scheduled.

*The BSSB does ALSO offer “Consultation Sessions” OR “Professional Consultation Services” for a variety of fitness related areas including home exercise program designs (“at-home” general conditioning workouts, advise on buying home gym equipment and/or even designing your home gym), Injury Prevention, Nutrition and Motivational Pick-Me-Up-Pep-Talks (which i am the KING of!!!).

Depending on the situation, fees are typically based on an hourly rate but may vary depending on the task.

*IMPoRTANT – “24 Hour Cancellation Policy” (aka ” The Courtesy Call”). All Clients must call to cancel an appointment WITHIN 24 hours of their next scheduled session. No exceptions. If any client for whatever reason (illness, family emergency, work, etc.) fails to notify the BSSB of a cancellation within 24 hours of their next scheduled session, the BSSB has the option and the right to take that session away from you, without refund. In other words, you would lose that particular session. Imagine how you might feel if your trainer failed to show up for your appointment or they called 5 minutes before to cancel… We understand that emergencies come up from time to time. Just treat us like you would want to be treated. We’re all in this together.


Have a nice day 🙂


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