Fat Loss Tips 2019

August 31, 2019

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Fat loss. Don’t over think it. I know that’s easier said than done. I also know that there’s a lot of information out there on the subject, some good, some bad, some misleading. Keep it as simple as possible. Understand, you must eventually learn to eat healthier foods in amounts (portions) that are also healthy. As Americans, we don’t do this well. We over-eat and over-drink much of the time. What’s worse is most of our food is highly processed with added sugar and salt. It might as well be poison. Add to that all the sitting we do. Add to that overworking and undersleeping. Add to that caffeine addiction. Add to that the stress of modern living. Add to that chronic dehydration. Add to that little or no exercise. It’s no wonder there are such serious health problems with obesity constantly on the rise. Its so bad now that children are being affected as early as grade school. The medical, insurance and pharmaceutical companies profit from it. Its unlikely that things will improve anytime soon. It’s up to each of us to take ownership over the things we can control, which is actually quite a lot. Above is just a quick list that I jotted down earlier to give examples of a few healthy habits that I believe work. What are you waiting for? Death & disease? Please don’t. Take back your health. #nutrition #healthylifestyle #bssbbooks #personaltrainer #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #blueskystrongbox

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New weekly Health & Fitness Tipz! This week my video is shorter (less than 3 minutes). I talk briefly about the benefits of starting each day off on the “good foot”, regardless of what time of day we get up or how well we wake up. I do have a concern for caffeine addiction, especially if that caffeine must contain cream &/or sugar. Sorry but that sh*t ain’t good for you. That’s just a dessert drink that is probably doing nothing but making you fatter, unhealthier and less likely to sleep better each day. Many of the “energy” drinks also have similar issues. I’d recommend drinking a full glass of clean water first thing in the morning and then maybe one cup of black coffee or one sugar-free energy drink if you must. Beyond that, i’d highly recommend getting better rest each night. Moving more if you sit down most of your day. Possibly moving less if you exercise and work “hard” every day. Eat healthier foods. Manage stress daily. Write down (in your mind or on paper) a plan for each day. Don’t just be a robot, a slave. Be an arrow aimed at the bullseye of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. This starts by setting the tone as soon as you wake :)

April 8, 2015

New weekly tipz! Most of us would prefer to have less body fat on us than we do. For some of us, it may be a few pounds. For others, it may a lot more…and that’s ok. But more than likely, there is a long list of many things that will eventually need to change for this unwanted fat to magically disappear. Today i will tell you about the one “modification” that i’d recommend putting at the top of your list! It’s something simple.

September 17, 2012

New Weekly Tipz! Ok, this week is for all y’all out there who sit all day at your jobs. I will give you 3 simple suggestions of quick things you ought to do throughout your workday. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to do them. Because sitting all day at your job might be good for your economics but make no mistake, it is killing you softly. But you CAN do something about that. Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge. Do Work! Start today.

June 25, 2012

New Weekly Tipz! I’ve said it before and i’ll say it many times over… it’s all about the balance. There’s never just “one thing” that holds any of us back from getting results. It’s usually a number of things out of balance. Go for it all. And in the end, strive to be happy AND healthy.

May 27, 2012

New Weekly Tipz! This week i talk briefly on health. Health before fitness. Being “healthy” means taking care of the basics first. ALong with that is also our attitude, aka the thoughts we keep. Negativity in our personal lives will eventually eat up our “health” like the cookie monster eatin’ up some cookies. Being positive helps everything. Health before fitness…every time.

February 28, 2012

New Weekly Tipz Video! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy & my computer has problems digesting edits! lol. But hey, that’s ok. TOday i am back with a quick diddy bout 2 big fundamentals of fat loss that most people don’t pay enough attention to. Drinking water or beverages with 0 calories. Eating smaller portions. And doing it 90% of the time. It won’t fix everything but it’s a great place to start!

August 30, 2011

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