Spring 2012 Note to self: Head to toe analysis. Trigger points, tight muscles, weak muscles. Or maybe i should also say “weak or disfunctional patterns”. Infraspinatus(rotator cuffs), Posterior Serratus/Thoraco-Lumbar Junction/QL region, Thoracic Spine, Hands & Forearms, Feet/Achilles/Calves, Lateral Hamstring(especially right side), Illio-Psoas, TFL/Hip Flexor/IT Band/Glute Medius(right side wants to twist inward when SL Sqatting), Adductors. Lots to work on. Open hips up. Especially right side. Massage hands,feet and forearms daily. Stretch while watching TV. Right side may be aggravated daily by sleep patterns. I sleep primarily on my right side. Focus on symmetry while exercising. Always rotate out uni-lateral movements. Use the Getup as a guide. Work on proper SEQUENCE order for movement patterns. “Drive” range of motion with flowing movement patterning. Improve Thoracic mobility and deep squat Stability. Improve Strength overall :)

April 5, 2012

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