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August 30, 2017


Look at yourself NAKED regularly. Get bloodwork/medical checkup every year or so, especially if overweight and sedentary. Know the difference between overweight (“a few extra pounds”) and obese. The doctors often use BMI which doesn’t tell much valuable info. But when looking at your naked body in a mirror with truthful eyes, the difference between overweight and obesity should be clear. Obesity can be very deadly, not to mention expensive. No one “needs” six-pack abs. Likewise, no one needs to carry the weight of two people on a skeleton built for one. 

April 28, 2017

You can be overweight and often still be healthy, especially with regular exercise, decent genetics and a decent diet. However, the same will most likely never be true for obesity. Am I suggesting that we all welcome each pound of body fat? No. Do I think six-pack abs are a requirement to be considered healthy and fit? Most certainly not. Just know that there is a difference between “some extra pounds” and obese. Most often this difference is easy to see with truthful eyes. Obesity can be very deadly and expensive, especially as time goes on. This photo shows two women, both supposedly the same age and the same height. Notice the difference in body fat, both inside and out. Keep this in mind, depending on someone’s height and body type, scale weight can often be misleading and vary greatly from person to person. I have friends that are well over 200lbs and perfectly healthy at their respective weight. However, I would probably be quite unhealthy with over 200 pounds on my frame. For the sake of comparison, imagine the girl on the right is at a low-risk “healthy” weight and body composition, and the girl on the left is the same girl a few years later with 130 pounds of body fat (which would now be more than twice her original weight, placing an enormous strain on all her bodily systems). My point is that we need to pay attention to our bodies. It’s so easy to let go of awareness and care, especially as we get older and life gets busier. This photo, this post, was not posted to fat-shame anyone. This a caring reminder that health is important and obesity destroys health. It has been proposed that the single best thing that any human can do to improve their health is to consistently walk 30 minutes every day. You may only be able to do 10 minutes. If so, this would be great place to start. Obviously, many other things will be in order over time but this is what I always recommend starting with first. Be better every day. #blueskystrongbox

Ok. So if you’ve never seen this video, you need to. It’s profound. It’s close to 10minutes long but absolutely worth it (and it’s even entertaining). Wanna take better care of your health? You gotta move more. The simple task of moving 30 minutes daily is proven to be extremely potent and may be the best medicine you don’t have to buy, just do. Find and watch this video. #blueskystrongbox #bssbbooks

February 14, 2017


New Weekly Health & Fitness Tips! “No pain, no gain” has always had limitations. You don’t have to be in constant pain to make progress. This week i talk briefly about soreness due to exercise. Some soreness is normal, unavoidable and typical ok. Some is not. Normal soreness should be infrequent and bi-lateral. In other words, if one arm or leg is sore, the other side should be equally sore. This kind of soreness is mostly due to microscopic tears in the muscles, which sounds bad but is actual very normal, due to them having to work against incoming resistance. But there are other kinds of soreness, which affects areas in a way that is not productive and may even be harmful. They may even seem similar to the good kind but are more intense and shouldn’t be frequent, or chronic. Don’t seek out soreness. Instead, gradually disrupt your homeostasis. Too much damage done too often is to be avoided. “Stimulate, don’t annihilate”. Progress can be made without killing yourself in the gym. So my questions is always this, When is it really ok to be really sore on a regular basis? The answer is, it’s not ok. Say what you want, do what you will but trust me, being sore on a regular basis, to the point of altering the way you were meant to move, is almost always gonna be wrong, especially if done intentially.

February 6, 2017

New Weekly Tipz! First off, Happy New year. It’s now 2016. I have an idea i’d like you to hear, a suggestion, for being better this year and the next. For many, this advice will sound too simple or too easy. For others, it might even sound like a lot. But my suggestions for moving more in 2016 are simple, important and everyone should hear them. Watch the video. Get motivated. Start today :)

January 19, 2016


December 6, 2015

(video) TRAP-BAR DEADLIFT CARRIES. One of my favorite exercises. One of the most useful and something you rarely see these days. It does just about everything. It’s even better with double bodyweight. Want a short “strength” workout? Work up to a heavy set. Go home. This ain’t about reps. It’s about load. Effort. Structure. Primal movement. What muscles does it work? Just about everything if it’s challenging enough. For more of a fat loss workout (if there is really such a thing?), you might ask? You could use lighter loads and walk further longer, resting less. Understanding that fat loss is more about diet than anything else, is also an important point to add. Of course, many things must be on-point before attempting this for the first time and obviously, the load should be introductory. In other words, be careful and don’t do dumb sh*t 🙂 #blueskystrongbox

Turkish Getup Part 2 – Time Warner News’ ACTIVE NOW

December 3, 2015

New Weekly Tipz! Austin Time Warner News’ “Active Now” news spot showed me some more on-the-air love this week by filming a follow up video (part 2) of the Turkish Getup. Here, I do my best to demonstrate the the 3rd position (the power position) of the Turkish Getup using a shoe as well as a small weight. It’s like a sit-up to a side-plank but much much more. Everyone should try these. They are for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.


Screen shot 2015-12-03 at 12.40.12 PM

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