Strength Training should NEVER be complicated…

September 12, 2018


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The thought of trying to summarize a few Strength Training concepts in less than 1 minute seems impossible. It did prove impossible. However, today’s video was an attempt to get the wheels of your mind moving in a direction that allows you to digest the idea that it need NOT be complicated. Adults need to Strength Train a minimum of 1-2 times a week to maintain a healthy body for life. It doesn’t need to be crazy hard or difficult to benefit from it. Each workout can be as short as 5-10 minutes but it must include exercises that work the entire body. Instead of body parts think of big “movements of the body” such as Squatting, Pushing and Pulling. The generation of Californian bodybuilders that produced Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a bit of a lasting negative effect on the way normal people exercise that still exists to this day. People think workouts must include a dozen exercises that primarily work a bunch of little muscles groups like calves and biceps and that progress is not made without soreness and all sets done to failure. None of that is required or recommended for most people, especially beginners and novices. Most adults would be better served keeping workouts shorter with fewer exercises and a focus on moving well instead of sloppy. Of course, the choices are endless. Today, I wanted to demonstrate a simple short routine that most anyone could do at home with either 1 dumbbell or 1 kettlebell. The point is to do something. Anything is better than nothing as long as it is safe and can be repeated over time. No excuses. You can always do more. Just make sure that you are consistently doing something first. I’m always here if you have questions… #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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New Health & Fitness Tips! So i’m doing a Free Video Series on what i consider to be the Essential Elements of Health & Fitness. Until the end of the year, my plan is to release one new video each week covering a fairly wide range of information, doing my best to limit most of the main points to 3 things. Tune in. These videos are free. I’m doing these to help. I know more than anyone how confusing and frustrating diet and exercise stuff is. I’ve worked professionally as a Personal trainer for well over a decade. My hope is to clear up some of the confusion. Take notes, ask questions. I’m always here to help…

September 26, 2017

“Refocus after Time Off” 8/28/17 Carlton Cullins-BLUE SKY STRONGBOX-Personal Trainer-AustinTX

August 30, 2017

New Weekly Health & Fitness Tips! Your health is the foundation that everything in your life is built on. Do not sacrifice it for anything else. It’s very common these days to find those that sacrifice their health for fitness gains and vanity. This can only last for so long without paying a price. If you want to look better, feel better or live longer then take good care of your health first and always. Begin with what I call the “big 3”. #1) Hydration. #2) 30 minutes of brisk, yet relaxed, daily walking. #3) A regular sleep schedule that allows you to get between 7-9 hours of sleep without the aide of drugs and alcohol during the waking hours.

April 4, 2017

New Health & Fitness Tips! This week I want to talk about a common occurrence, the obsession of counting calories. Things such as how many calories we eat and drink, how many calories we burn while exercising or meeting our daily step quotas. I’ve been there. Many of us have. Some of us, for medical reasons, may always need to count such numbers. And that’s ok. Health is most important. I’m talking more about vanity, which is also important to many people. It’s not that I think counting calories is completely pointless for making improvements in body composition, it’s more to do with the disregard for everything else that often accompanies. Common sense things like quality of sleep, reduction in stress, quality of food, quality of exercise and how each of these can make or break the hormone balance that controls everything you’re probably wanting to do. For those that may be in the middle of your own battle with calories, remember this important detail. Counting calories is not a long term solution. Do the right things most of the time and eventually you shouldn’t have to worry so much about all the numbers.

January 24, 2017

“Guilt Free & Moderation” 12/19/16 Carlton Cullins-BLUE SKY STRONGBOX-Personal Trainer-AustinTX

December 19, 2016

New Weekly Tipz! First off, Happy New year. It’s now 2016. I have an idea i’d like you to hear, a suggestion, for being better this year and the next. For many, this advice will sound too simple or too easy. For others, it might even sound like a lot. But my suggestions for moving more in 2016 are simple, important and everyone should hear them. Watch the video. Get motivated. Start today :)

January 19, 2016

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