Welcome to the New Year. And because it’s a New Year, we both know that a lot of folks would like to trim down. It may be you. It may be me. It may be just a few pounds, it may be a lot. Regardless, it’s all the same. I’ve been working with people for a long time. Losing unwanted fat mostly comes down to one thing… calories. America eats and drinks too many calories every day. It adds up in the form of body fat. But for many, it’s sneaky. I believe the main reason is that we have too many “encounters” with food each day. These encounters each count as a Meal. Over a lifetime, we get used to feeding frequently. Some big, some small. They add up. Before long, we’re unaware and unable( or unwilling) to change. But with no change in food comes no change with the body. Simple to understand but difficult to improve. Control takes positive frequent practice. But first, we must be mindful of it. #fatloss #mindfuleating  #mindfuleatingtips #austinpersonaltrainer #auatinpersonaltraining #austinpersonaltrainers #blueskystrongbox

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