Today, final exercise, #13 the DEADLIFT+CARRY. Ok, maybe that’s two. Just think one. I really wanted to keep my list under twelve but I just couldn’t. So I guess now you get the baker’s dozen, or what some call, a lil’ LAGNIAPPE. (Look for a highlight video of all 13 exercises next week). So the DEADLIFT… It used to be called the HEALTHLIFT. Best exercise under the sun (besides walking)? Possibly. Is it for everyone? Maybe not. It depends…which version you do, what equipment you choose, what your form looks like, how many reps & sets you do, your frequency, how does it feel, etc. All I can say is that there is most likely a safe version most anyone can handle, so long as you don’t have conflicting serious medical condition. The majority of everyone I’ve ever worked with has been able to do some version of the Deadlift. I prefer to add a “carry” to it any and every chance I get. In my mind, this makes the movement much more functional with a ton of real-world carryover. In fact, a great real-world substitute happens when we do things like carry luggage or use a grocery basket. If either of these is heavy enough AND picked up from the ground, they would certainly count as a “deadlift” and it’s trusty companion, the “carry”. My point, it’s a great exercise if and when done correctly and practiced appropriately for each person. I think it may even be one of the greatest exercises of all time. You should at least become acquainted with it. Of course, don’t do anything stupid. You should know that a lot of people do. Lol And don’t let the doctors blindly scare you aware before exploring the many safer versions and potential benefits. #deadlift #trapbardeadlift #hexbardeadlift #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #austinpersonaltrainers #blueskystrongbox

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