#5 Goblet Squat #6 Push-up. Personally, I often like to add a “Carry” to the Goblet Squat AND add a “Push-Back” to the Push-up. This is optional of course. I just wanted to show examples of how adding a little something extra might spice things up as well as increase the amount of work done in a single exercise. Both of these exercises are what most would consider the basics or the fundamentals. There are many, many different versions of both the Squat and Push-up. Don’t be distracted by any of this. Even the simplest, easiest version of each can still provide plenty of bang for the buck. With that said, it’s fun to explore the many variations of both exercises when ready. These two work what many consider to be our primitive movement patterns, the Squatting movement AND Pushing movement. Both are essential to functioning as a human being. Neither of these exercises are super difficult but it is quite common for folks to do both incorrectly. Some don’t know what the proper form is and others just get sloppy. Sloppiness is a great way to get hurt and sabotage results. Learn to perform these with a clean technique. Perfect the form. The devil is in the details. Start slow, build strong over time. #gobletsquats #pushups #danjohn #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltrainers #austinpersonaltraining #blueskystrongbox

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