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For most us, our bodies will get stiffer with time. It’s our responsibility to do something about it. Anyone can improve flexibility but it requires daily practice. It doesn’t have to take up too much time. Today I demonstrate a short 3-5 minute stretching routine that I do EVERY SINGLE MORNING upon waking. I literally drink a full pint glass of water then immediately get down on the ground and perform a few stretches. I’ve done this for years. It’s short and sweet. I might not be the most flexible person in existence but I’m much better off now had I ignored stretching altogether like so many do. Watch the entire video. I have a few useful tips scattered in it. Please ask me any questions. I want to inspire you to take better care of your health. If you’re not very flexible, you may be missing out on more than you’d ever realize. It may also increase the chances of sustaining a serious injury. You can do something about it. Start today. #morningflow #morningrituals #dailystretching #fiveminuteflow #yogaflow #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #austinpersonaltrainers #blueskystrongbox

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