My #1 Home Equipment Recommendation

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My #1 choice for anyone interested in exercising at home, specifically Strength Training. These are the same bands I use. I don’t have any affiliation with the wonderful @perform_better company (yet) but I’ve met the owner and employees many times and can’t recommend them enough. You can order directly from their website or Amazon. You only need ONE for now, and a door that closes “all the way”. To use, use put the door hanger anchor (included) in the space between the door and it’s hinges and shut the door completely so that’s it secure. Then you’re ready to go. You could also wrap it around a pole or solidly stationary object but it is a little risky and you must be careful not to damage the rubber. (Ask me how I know).They have 3 thicknesses available on Amazon. Light, medium and heavy. Light is very light but a good fit for someone who is not very strong at all. Medium is good for the average person. I personally like heavy. Sometimes I even double up. Keep in mind, anything can work as long as it’s stimulative. I have tons of free videos on my YouTube page (Carlton Cullins) and here on my Instagram, my website. You have no excuse not to move. Stay tuned for more at-home exercise videos. Stay safe y’all! #bssbbooks #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #austinpersonaltrainers #exercisingathome #exercisetubing #lifelinecables #blueskystrongbox

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