Covid-19 general info


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The CDC recommends checking your temperature twice daily. It should be below 100.4°. If it’s not, stay your ass home. If you don’t feel 100%, stay your ass home. And if you do go out, limit the number of people you have to be around. Keep some distance from their face, some recommend 6 feet. Clean your hands before you go touching your face or touching food or handling anything that someone with a compromised immune system may use, especially infants and the elderly. Use common sense even if it’s not that common anymore. Be kind to your neighbors. Help others if you can. Get plenty of rest. Go for a walk every day. Get in some exercise. There are tons of ways to exercise at home with little or no equipment. Get comfortable cooking. Learn to cook if not. Read a book. Call an old friend or family member. Don’t hoard toilet paper. Be safe out there… #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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