2,ooo steps = 1 mile

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Walking is quite possibly the best exercise we as humans can do regularly. Many people think walking is too easy to qualify as exercise. I used to believe this as well. Of course, I was younger. Now that I’m a bit older, I value walking much more even though it is just as easy for me to do as it was in my 20’s & 30’s. A big reason my opinion has evolved is because in the last 15 years I hiked a lot of miles through wilderness and even climbed a few mountains. Things tend to become much more clear with distance and altitude. My point here is that walking can be almost all the cardio you’d ever need if you can simply learn to vary how you walk. Walking on flat ground is obviously the easiest version. Next would be to simply walk faster and swing the arms. Next you could either wear a backpack loaded with 5-25lbs or hold 1-5lb hand weights. My favorite version is to walk up and down steep hills. Of course, start slowly and with no weight and progress first to faster then lastly to adding extra weight. The best thing about walking is that you can do it every day for a lifetime and not have it destroy your body. #walkingexercise #hikingexercise #walkinghills #walkforalifetime #walkforhealth #healthylifestyle #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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