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WATCH THIS ON NETFLIX. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the facts of fat-loss, nutrition, calories, diets, exercise, etc. The photo above is of a 14-minute episode on Netflix. The show is called Explained and this particular episode is from the first season. I think it does a pretty good job of establishing some worthwhile facts. I recommend watching it twice. Here are some highlights. ~There is no perfect diet for everyone. ~Most diets are 1 of 2 categories, Low-fat or Low-Carb. ~All diets work when followed. ~All diets stop working once once not followed. ~The only way to see consistent results is to find a diet and lifestyle that can be maintained until you die. ~Failing to be successful on any diet causes unwanted guilt and shame which can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. ~Guilt and shame are extremely profitable and will certainly be exploited by many powerful, manipulative industries. ~In 1863 a British author wrote the first ever low-carb Diet Book that became a best seller. ~Food changed drastically after WWII, which led to the Industrial Food Complex and a plethora of unhealthy processed food. ~By the 1980’s, obesity was on the rise, food was more unhealthy and cheaper than ever and we ate/drank more than ever, especially snacks, by about 500+ calories more a day, which has continued until till the present. ~1980-2000 saw a HUGE increase in obesity. It has continues to climb until the present. ~Exercise is great for health but not very good for burning enough calories to lose weight in a healthy way without improvements in the diet. ~Losing weight too fast, doing too much intense exercise and going too low on calories can cause a serious hormonal disruption that may make things much worse in the future. ~Genetics may make it more difficult for some to lose fat but it is by no means an absolute limitation. ~Achieving a consistent caloric deficit is still the most important factor for fat-loss. ~Eat more vegetables & fruits (plants) and less of everything else. ~ ~Consume less calories on days you move less. #whydietsfail #nutrition #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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