Essential Priorities for Busy People

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ESSENTIAL PRIORITIES FOR BUSY PEOPLE. Being busy is not unique. In fact, it’s commonplace these days. I would argue that much of our business is due to poor time management, especially with smart phone usage. Of course pointing this out doesn’t really help anything. But with that said, it is crucial to realize that the only person that will help you find more time is YOU. It’s not a crime to be good to yourself. And being good to yourself doesn’t necessarily require more free time. However, it does require quality time with attention to detail, especially with regards to the management of time and energy. Prioritize SLEEP first. After AIR & WATER, sleep is the foundation for everything. DIET is the next big area of concern. The most realistic approach that I’ve found is to aim for at least one meal a day that is close to perfect. Something simple, convenient and repeatable. Think oatmeal w berries, a smoothie, salad, healthy sandwich, etc. The last major priority of health is daily MOVEMENT. You can’t NOT move. Seriously. It’s about way more than just calories and vanity. This is about survival. My best recommendation is to build more WALKING in to each day. When possible, do it while at work so you get paid for it. If that’s not possible, aim for 10-30min of dedicated walking sometime before bedtime. Also, try your best to get at least one STRENGTH workout in each week. You could do this with only 2 exercises in less than 15 minutes. It helps keep muscles from withering away, which does help with metabolism and many other vital functions within the body. Don’t let everything go to sh*t because you’re busy. You’ll regret it later. Be mindful and manage your time well. #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #timemanagement #timemanagementtips #limitsmartphoneuse #timemanagementskills #healthminimums #blueskystrongbox

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