Strength Training requires at least 3 Exercises

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EVERY ADULT NEEDS TO DO STRENGTH TRAINING AT LEAST 1 DAY A WEEK. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Workouts don’t need to be longer than 30-45minutes max. 5-10minutes of a really good exercise done really well could do the trick (think Deadlift, Heavy carries, Kettlebell Swings, Heavy Squats, Turkish Getup, Squat to Row). For health, 1 workout a week can work. For health and to look better, 2-3 days a week is better. Oh yeah, don’t forget Diet, which is THE most important factor in approving appearance. You can never out-exercise a bad diet and too many liquid calories. How many exercises, and which ones? Regardless of how often you Strength Train, each workout must include a Lower Body Leg/Hip Exercise, an Upper Body Push and an Upper Body Pull. There are a ton of choices. Keep it simple. You can do more but I would limit it to a total of 6 exercises. Try to find exercises that involve the entire body while targeting the specific areas I just mentioned. How many sets and reps? I personally like 2-3 sets per exercise. For reps, l like 15 reps some days, 10 reps on other days and a heavy 5 reps on days I feel rested. Any rep range will work so long as you challenge yourself without beating yourself up or allowing form to degrade. Variety is nice. The secret to getting results is NOT missing workouts, walking a lot each day, proper rest and above average diet/nutrition. Never forget that. Get to it! #blueskystrongbox #strengthtrainingathome #strengthtraining #resistancetraining #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #blueskystrongbox #johntylerhighschool #cujonation

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