Time Management & The Waking-Up Routine

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TIME MANAGEMENT & THE WAKING-UP ROUTINE: (Sounds almost like a band name. Lol.) It is essential that we are active participants in our waking-up routine. Every day has an awakening. Don’t let it be by accident. I can’t stress this enough: how we wake up sets the pace for our entire life. Wanna get more sh*t done? Wanna be happier? Healthier? Train yourself to wake up better. Try much harder to not push snooze. Instead, go to bed 8-24 min earlier (I’m hoping you’ll see the ridiculousness of such as both pushing snooze for 8-24 min is just as silly as thinking going to bed 8-24 min earlier the night before will do the trick…it’s more likely that at least an hour more of sleep is needed. I recommend going to bed earlier. No one sleeps better by pushing snooze, it’s only delaying the inevitable). Try not to look at things like social media, the news, etc until you’ve at least stood up out of bed and drank some water. I recommend a full glass of water, even before coffee. I also highly recommend stretching for 2-5 minutes. I promise you’ll feel better if done regularly. The point is to prioritize your health. Don’t waste precious time upon waking. You don’t get any of this time back. Once it’s gone, it is gone forever. If you have kids, pets or other responsibilities, get up a few minutes earlier. Otherwise, you will just be reacting to everything that comes at you, which is almost impossible for any human to effectively manage day-in and day-out. Instead, be proactive. Prioritize YOU. Much can be accomplished within that first hour upon waking. It’s a habit, a routine, that can be improved just like anything else. Optimize! Maximize! #bssbbooks #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #morningroutine #morningritual #morningroutines #timemanagement #morningflow #blueskystrongbox

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