Dr. Tabata + HIIT Training

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Ever heard of HIIT Training? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Ever heard of Tabatas? They are repeated 20second work intervals followed by 10second rest intervals. They are named after the Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata who in 1996 published a now-famous study of high intensity intervals that he performed on 14 elite athletes. Unfortunately, it has been interpreted in ways that have often been used to blindly justify high intensity training for “everyone”. This was perhaps wrong? Even with the young, elite athletes in his study, progress stalled after 3 weeks. Sadly, popular culture now believes that all lower intensity exercise has little to no value. It’s not that high intensity exercise is necessarily bad, or bad for “everyone”, it’s more that it should be used appropriately. Everything has value and naturally also limitations. It’s important to use the correct tool for the correct job. Heart diseases is the number 1 killer of men & women in the United States. Sedentary folks need to ease into exercising. Starting off with High Intensity Intervals is probably a really bad idea until the body adapts to lower intensity exercise first! For some, high intervals may never be safe or appropriate. It doesn’t mean that improving fitness, health or body composition will never be possible. It only means a different path may be required. (This video shows Joel JAMIESON being interviewed. He is a very respected, experienced, educated Strength & Conditioning Coach and author.) #bssbbooks #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #highintensityworkout #hiitworkout #tabataworkout #drtabata #blueskystrongbox

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