Part 1: Injuries, Pain, Soreness

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PART 1 : INJURIES-PAIN-SORENESS. I’ve recently had some questions about these. It should go without saying that that I can only say so much in a 1 minute video. I plan to do more videos on this topic in the weeks to come. First & Foremost, always use your brain and learn to listen to your body. There is a difference between Pain & Uncomfortableness. Uncomfortableness with exercise is normal and should be expected, within reason. Pain is typically something to be avoided. NOTHING SHOULD EVER HURT. If you suspect something serious, go get it checked out by a medical professional. It may be nothing but it’s best to find out exactly what you’re dealing with. It may be an easy fix. It may be something that requires learning how to work around. Not knowing is a bad option. With that said, some pain and suffering is unavoidable. This is life. Expect delays. Expect hurdles. Expect random injuries at some point. Think about this: If you don’t move much, you’re more likely to get hurt. If you move often, you’re also more likely to get hurt. Just do something about it if or when it happens. Use the opportunity to learn more about your body and the healing process. Appreciate the process. PREVENTION: Always warm-up before activity by moving your entire body carefully through various ranges of motion. Go as slow as needed to wake up the body and get the blood moving. Make sure to breathe deeply throughout all activities. Be especially careful if exercising first thing after waking and in cold environments. Avoid going too heavy or too hard on any exercise until you really know what you’re doing. Then, even then, exercise caution. Rest and recover sufficiently before exercising again. Use caution when exercising in hot environments. Make sure you are adequately hydrated. If you do have an old injury, pay close attention to how it feels and how it responds to whatever it is you’re doing. #sportsinjuries #musclesoreness #recoveryworkouts #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #blueskystrongbox

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