Oxygen = LIFE

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Oxygen is our best friend. Remember to breathe. It sounds silly but research clearly shows Americans as bad breathers, like clinically dysfunctional. In other words, we don’t do it well. Obviously, most of us get by. We survive. We just don’t thrive. Thriving happens when we optimize any given situation. Of all the things worthy of optimization, oxygen (breathing) is arguable the best choice. Proper breathing should involve inhaling in through the nose and exhaling out the mouth. It should also involve the diaphragm muscle, which sits just above the stomach and under the bottom of the lowest rib. It’s not too difficult to find it or understand how it works but I do recommend might reading more and maybe watching a few video examples. Once we learn to breathe better, then it must be practiced. Repetition reinforces this habit. I feel the absolute best time to do this is while being active or exercising. It could be walking, Yoga, weight-lifting, carrying your luggage at the airport, etc. The video tip above will also help my favorite suggestion. Lastly, know that active movement/exercise is not only the best way to teach the body to breathe better but also to better use oxygen once it is within the body. This, my friends, is key to surviving and thriving. Why would you not start practicing breathing today! #bssbbooks #breathingexercises #breathingladders #diaphragmbreathing #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining #blueskystrongbox

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