Seek Balance of the BIG 3: Flexibility-Strength-Stamina


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There are many reasons why exercise is important. All you need to know is that thus is a fact. So do it and keep doing it. Don’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop (hopefully). But if you are gonna go to all that effort to move and exercise regularly, why not do it right? There are 3 BIG areas that I desperately believe need balance and dedicated attention: 1) Strength 2) Flexibility 3) Stamina. In general, it does little good to excel in one area if lagging in one or both of the others. Unfortunately, this is too often the case. We all know someone that fits the bill. I was once one of them. You may be right now as well. If so, its ok. Why not do something about it? It helps to think of each of these 3 areas in terms of an empty glass that needs filling (or a bucket-thanks Mike Boyle). If any one glass is low, then fill it up. Don’t let it stay low forever. If any one area starts to overflow, just pull back. Seek balance for each glass. It’s sad to see really strong people that can’t touch their toes or get tired walking up stairs; or the Yogi who struggles to lift something relatively heavy or the runner who’s strength, flexibility and posture are so bad, they struggle to understand how they keep getting injured year after year running. Balance is key. This could apply to anything. Keep in mind, there are other areas that might need attention. These are just what I consider my big 3. (I like limiting most ideas to 3 for simplicity.) The main idea is to always master the basics, the “big fundamentals”, first! #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #heathandwellbeing #StrengthFlexibilityStamina #austinpersonaltrainer #austinpersonaltraining

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