Deadlift Photos


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Every photo above is an example of the exercise referred to as the DEADLIFT (this week’s theme). It’s an exercise that nearly every adult on earth would benefit from because it directly works the muscles involved with posture. Obviously, from the photos, there are plenty of options, even more than I have here. For beginners, whatever object is being lifted can easily be placed a few inches off the ground to make it easier and safer to learn. To do the exercise, just bend down safely to pick up whatever object (the dead weight) and then safely stand back up with it tall and straight. Don’t have any equipment? You don’t need any. Just find a small duffel bag and fill with stuff…water bottles, dirt, bags of dog food or water softener salt pellets. I’ve even used a cinder block which costs around $3 and weighs approximately 35lbs. The main thing to remember is to keep your back straight the entire time. Tighten your stomach muscles to help with this. Use your hips, not just your legs to lift the weight. If the weight is too heavy to allow for this, use something lighter. Stand up tall at the top. Squeeze your butt without leaning backwards. Aim for 10-15 reps. Once comfortable, maybe try going heavier so that 5-10 reps is heavier but still doable. Do this once a week would be my recommendation. Pick which day right now. Commit to it. *The man in the middle photo is Lamar Gant, arguably the strongest pound for pound dead-lifter of all time. He lifted 688lbs in the deadlift at a height of 5’2” and weighing 132lbs. Now that is impressive. He also had scoliosis. #bssbbooks #austinpersonaltraining #austinpersonaltrainer #healthandfitness #heathsndwellness #deadlift #strongwomen #blueskystrongbox

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