How to Squat


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Yes, another video on How to Squat Correctly. It’s arguably the most important exercise one can do. It’s also an essential movement that we as humans should be able to do, till we die. The problem is most people do it wrong. Doing it wrong means you might get hurt AND the chances are slim that any benefit will come from doing it. So learn this basic concept: BEGIN THE SQUAT BY BENDING AT THE HIP FIRST & NOT THE KNEES. Yes, the knees do also bend, in fact-they need to, but only after the initial action of “sitting back in a chair” has begun. Another thing to add is that most of us are really tight in our ankles. This can make squatting much more difficult. Of course, doing some focused exercises/stretches to improve flexibility, range of motion AND control is absolutely necessary to remedy this problem. But in the meantime, it is ok to elevate the heels an inch or two. Some athletic shoes may already have heel lifts but if not try putting a 1×4 or 2×4 directly under the heels. You could also use a rolled up towel or a weight plate. Now try practicing the squat using the “sitting back in the chair” technique from the video above. There should never be any PAIN. If so, do consult a medical professional soon. Do make sure to keep your foot balanced. This means much of your weight will be in the heels but do also. try to keep all of your toes touching the ground while moving up and down, especially the big toes. In other words, your weight distribution should be balanced between both the heals AND mid-foot, never on the toes. This helps ensure balance of the entire foot as well as all of your coordinated efforts. You might even video yourself or use a mirror to ensure things are correct. Do everything you can to fix this problem if you are one of the many that tend to Squat by “bending at the knees” first. Put that “ass” into it. No really, that’s what it’s for. #austinpersonaltrainer #blueskystrongbox #healthandfitness #fatloss #healthandwellness #squats #squatchallenge

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