Flexibility is essential for many reasons…

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Some people are naturally flexible. This basically means they did a good job of NOT losing the flexibility they were born with. However, most of us are not in that boat. Because of a variety of factors (sitting, inactivity, injuries, etc) most of have lost quite a bit of our “natural” flexibility every year as time has moved forward. With that said, it’s not limited to just the mature. I regularly see young folks in the teens, 20’s and 30’s with poor flexibility. Obviously, this is an area that most of us should give more attention. There is no one stretch or technique that will fix everything for everyone. We are each unique. Some people think “I should try Yoga”. It might not be a bad idea. Some think, “maybe a good massage might help”. That’s also a great idea. But even Yoga and a great massage still might not fix everything. Becoming more flexible, increasing mobility and range of motion may require many approaches. The first step is to find what area(s) need immediate attention. We call this “finding the MOST limiting factor(s)”. A great tool to use is a screening test. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a great screening test that many Fitness Professionals prefer to use. Regardless, find a way to assess where you currently are. For many, backs and shoulders feel stiff. For others, it’s more in the hips and legs. Sometimes everything is a bit of a mess. Regardless, most of us will have at least one major area that needs some TLC. It’s ok. It happens. Do something about it. Today, I’m demonstrating a simple lower-body stretch, typically called a Cossack Squat. Try it out. Go slow. Be very careful! This is just a quick example of a little something you could do daily to help get some Stretching into your life. Increasing flexibility take does time. Start slow and practice regularly. The phrase that really helps the most with my mindset needed while stretching is “relax into stretch”. Lastly, count your breathes not the seconds, doing your best to breathe comfortably during all stretching. Holding your breath is the last thing you wanna do when stretching. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #stretchingexercises #flexibilitytraining #mobilitytraining

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