Heart Health is important!

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The #1 killer of men & women in America is HEART DISEASE. It’s also largely preventable and quite possibly even reversible. There is no one thing that causes or prevents heart disease. A variety of factors influence Heart Health. The most important is BLOOD PRESSURE. Do everything you can to keep it within the safe range of 120/80 or below. Most grocery store/pharmacies have free stations to check your blood pressure. Take advantage of them. Too much salt (sodium) in the diet can make blood pressure worse. Extra body weight also causes problems. Most heart issues will be due the development of plaque buildup in the arteries. High Blood Pressure makes this worse. So do diets lacking in plant-based whole-foods such as Vegetable & Fruits. Remember when they told us in grade school that Fiber was important? Exercise is also obviously important. The blood vessels are very similar to muscles in that they expand and contract. But they don’t expand much without regular activity. Exercise doesn’t need to be an all-out effort to be effective. Daily “brisk” walking can go a long way. Managing stress, getting proper rest and learning to better control your breathing may also help. Lastly, don’t forget about “Connection”. We are all human. We weren’t meant to be isolated and alone all the time. We all need some contact with others. And this is what I meant by Connection. Stay away from negativity. Be kind to yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to open your heart. I truly believe each of us has an unlimited amount of Love in our heart. Don’t wait till the end to discover a better you. All in all, just know that you cannot “trick” the body (or the heart) into being healthier or loving. It will always require work. The body wants to be healthy. It wants to heal. Our hearts want to love…not hate. We should all try to NOT get in the way of ourselves. I promise it is worth it. #healthandfitness #nutrition #healthandwellness #drgregersdailydozen #hearthealth #bloodpressure #walkingasexercise #eatyourfiber #managestressnaturally #stressmanagement #stressmanagementcoach #lifecoach #lifecoachtips #sleepisimportant #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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