Thoughts on Core: Part 2

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The Core: Part 2. Last week I mentioned that I like the term “braid” to describe the muscles of the core. I also like the term “Pillar”. Think of a Roman pillar supporting the weight of a heavy stone or marble structure. Envision your pillar as 2 shoulder sockets + the spine + 2 hip sockets. One very important job of all these different muscles is to work together to protect the body from injury, especially the Spine. They can also work together to produce large amounts of stability, strength that will hoped translate into sustained durability, if trained appropriately. The “core” is not just abs or stomach muscles. Because of this, we should always focus on keeping these areas “braced” when doing most movements, especially during exercise. At the very least, when exercising, keep your stomach muscles braced tightly as if you’re expecting a powerful punch. This tension is actually useful in creating a strong Core as well as helping the body learn to fire these muscles automatically during future movements. Most “core” exercises, things like sit-ups and crunches for example, don’t typically incorporate the entire body while performing them. It’s not that they have no value, it’s just that better options are available. By the way, the best option for improving the appearance of the Core is still a BALANCED DIET & LIFESTYLE. #coreexercises #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #blueskystrongbox #bssbbooks

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