Thoughts on Core: Part 1

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The Core. It’s a very popular topic. Why? Because most of us want ours to look better. There’s nothing wrong with that. Why don’t I talk about it more? Well, I do, kind of. I talk a lot about a balanced lifestyle. Why? Because all roads of a balanced lifestyle lead to everything we want, including the improved appearance of our waistlines. A balanced lifestyle typically does a lot to improve health, fitness, happiness and yes, the way we look. Why then does the fitness industry talk so much about special “core” exercises that “target” and “melt” away unwanted fat…and other things like controversial Supplements, Drugs and other Nutritional protocols. Why? Profit. Exercises that target the Core typically won’t do much to improve the way it looks, at least not until very lean. Taking expensive, possibly even dangerous, nutritional supplements, drugs; following questionable nutritional practices, etc…will most likely just deplete your bank account and could possibly even damage your health. And all we wanted was a flatter stomach, right. Instead, seek BALANCE. ✨>Quality sleep. Hydration with clean water. Consume adequate amounts of fibrous Veggies & Plants, adding in some lean proteins & healthy fats. Laugh more, have fun more…after your responsibilities are done, of course! Don’t exercise too much or too little. Do move every day. Walking is a great choice most days. Enjoy time alone and with friends. Have something or someone to Love, something to always do and something to always look forward to. Repeat and tweak as needed…till the end of time. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #healthandwellness #healthandfitness #coreexercises #coreexercise

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