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We’ve all heard the term “cardio”. It means many different things to many different people. Sadly, there are also a great number of misconceptions that come with this. Just remember, doing Cardio can help with health & fitness goals when done in appropriate doses. Too much or too little is typically not recommended. Do know that Cardio does not magically burn off body fat. It can help but should never be a substitute for a sh*tty diet. When I teach most of my students about Cardio I often explain it in terms of Gears (by the way, I like limiting most things to 3.) So for Cardio, I think…Low Gear, Middle Gear & High Gear. A great example of a low-gear exercise is Walking. Walking Hills would be a great example of the middle-gear and a HIIT Spin Class would be a great example of high-gear. For most beginners or anyone that doesn’t already have great stamina, Low Gear is the best place to start. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the other stuff but just be careful. Test the waters. Start slow, build strong. The secret to improving anything Cardio is learning to breathe better when the going gets tough. It’s all about the oxygen. This is why I prefer the middle-gear most often. It can act like a bridge and really help keep the focus on breathe control. Most people only use 2 gears, a low-gear that allows for easy breathing and an all out high-gear that leaves you devastated. THE GOOD STUFF IS OFTEN FOUND SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE! (yes, you can quote me on that. Lol) Since I’ve been doing this stuff for a lil’ while and my stamina is fairly decent, I prefer to mix things up regularly. It keeps boredom at bay and helps me add more movement variety to my portfolio, which also helps with injury prevention. I like to use a simple old-school-low-tech stopwatch set for 30 minutes and perform 5-10 minutes of a variety of exercises till my time is up. Some call this a Circuit. I call it Gumbo. At the end of the video above you will see a few quick examples of what I actually did today. This is just to give y’all some ideas… #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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