Seek Balance with Nutrition

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We are what we eat. We are also what we think and do. When it comes to nutrition, very few subjects arouse more confusion, conflict and controversy. It would seem that none of us can eat anything anymore because everything is “bad” for us. Many of us already have terrible relationships with food. Many of us don’t cook either and if so, very seldom. Of course, the reasons are complex. All I know is that the last thing we need is more negative talk about food. I look around some days and all I see is a new era of EXTREMELY picky eating. It’s a privilege to have any food to eat and being too picky about it all the time is not good for survival. Food is not to be feared. Food is not the enemy. It’s ok to make healthier choices but it’s important that it always be accompanied by a healthy relationship with food. Most us already know that we should limit fast food, fried food, overly-processed food, sugary and salty snacks but we ignore it anyway. We are also well aware that we should be eating more vegetables and fruits but we ignore all that too. So no, I’m not a fan of DIETS. I’m a fan of nutrition education. I’m a fan of trying something out for a while to see how it works. My recommendation is for you to do the same. My preferred nutrition source is PRECISION NUTRITION (website). I’ve also grown to respect the work of Dr. Michael Gregor, who has a great book called HOW NOT TO DIE and a great website, NUTRITION FACTS (website). Yes, I still eat meat, pizza, chips, cookies, and fried food. But i also eat a ton of plants most of the time and you should too. This makes everything SO much easier right from the start. Improving nutrition habits is a process and takes time. Start slow, build strong! Seek balance! #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #nutrition #diet #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #balancednutrition #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #healthandfitnessjourney #ihatediets #walking #strengthandconditioning #obesity

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