Book/Author recommendation: Katy Bowman. Plus Pee & Poop info-graphic reference charts.

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Today’s post is a mixed bag. The top two photos are of this week’s pick for my favorite Health & Fitness Author/Book recommendations: KATY BOWMAN. A career as Biomechanicist but now an author, blogger and podcaster. These last few years have seen Katy publish a slew of great books. My personal favorites are…all of them. ALIGNMENT MATTERS might be a great place to start. She has a great understanding of the body and many useful strategies to get rid of various pains while improving health with a careful eye on longevity. The health & fitness industry desperately needs more people like Katy. Her work is incredible. FAVORITE QUOTES/IDEAS: “Consider HOW you are moving and not just HOW MUCH.” The bottom two photos are from Precision Nutrition, my favorite and recommended Nutrition resource. Poop & Urine. Yep, they both have a lot to say about our health. Zoom in to better read any of the four photo squares above. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #health #fitness #healthylifestyle #longevity

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