Walking is the BEST exercise.


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I love the idea of counting steps. I love the idea that people are paying more attention to daily activity and movement again. What I really love is… people actually walking. You know, gettin’ at it, doin’ it…moving. Besides, it’s easy, it’s free and you can do it almost anywhere. I walk a lot. I always feel better, healthier, stronger when i’m walking regularly. Personally, I think it’s the best exercise the human body can do (Strength Training would be a close 2nd). I also think it’s what our bodies were best built to do. So we should probably do plenty of it (like every day). The average person does not walk nearly enough. We all know this. It might even be you. You can change that today. In these modern times, we have more technology, more knowledge, more resources, more of EVERYTHING…much more than we’ve ever had before. However, we are quite possibly the most unhealthy and unhappy we’ve ever been. A simple solution could be to walk more. Walking improves the health of the mind and the body and can be done every day. It can help with fat-loss but only when combined with appropriate nutrition habits and other lifestyle choices. How many steps each day? There really is no magic number. However, I would recommend aiming for around 5,ooo-10,ooo each day if you’re counting. More is great. Less is ok too. Anything is better than nothing. There’s no need to overdo it. How do you count steps? Use a Pedometer. Some smart phones have them already built in. Most FitBit-type watches have this function. For a more affordable option, look on Amazon/Walmart for the $10-20 Pedometers that just hook onto your waistband. All Pedometers will vary in accuracy, even the expensive ones. That’s ok. All you need is to get a rough estimate to the nearest 1000 steps. Remember, it’s just a number, don’t obsess over it. You don’t even have to get sweaty or change clothes. The steps you take during a normal day will all count. Use those legs for what they were designed for. Move your body before you can’t. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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