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This week’s book recommendation(s) is Mike Boyle’s NEW FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR SPORT. This is a must have for any trainer or coach that works with an athletic population. Mike has been a huge influence for me and I’m lucky enough to call him a friend. He has worked in the realm of Strength & Conditioning for almost 40 years and was in fact one of the first official Strength & Conditioning coaches (which was an unpaid position when he first started). His experience and insight is next to none. He has learned from some of the very best. A big reason I respect and value Mike’s positions on various subjects is because he never stops asking why, thrives to acquire the best knowledge and is never afraid to change his mind. He reads, watches and listens to everything. He’s worked with countless athletes of all ages, including Championship Seasons with both the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins as well as countless other Professional and Olympic athletes. I own most of his vast collection of work but I must say that NEW FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR SPORTS is my personal favorite. Although I don’t train many athletes, the knowledge can easily be translated across all populations in the hands of a competent, caring health & fitness professional. The “big rocks” as Mike says do not change. Thanks Mike for your contribution. FAVORITE QUOTES/IDEAS: “No one cares how much you know till they know how much you care”. “When in doubt, think Strength & Conditioning”. “Keep it simple stupid (KISS Rule)”. “Remember the big stones”. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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