How Many Days a Week Should Someone Exercise or Workout?

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HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK SHOULD SOMEONE EXERCISE OR WORKOUT? Well, understandably, it depends. More information is needed. For starters, what is the goal…what is it that we are hoping to accomplish by doing exercise? Secondly, how do we define exercise? There are many different forms of exercise, many of which are not created equal. It should go without saying that we need to move our bodies every single day but that is not the same thing as exercising every day. Moving each day refers more to walking around and performing normal tasks that require moving the body about. Exercise is something more strenuous and typically defaults a need for recovery before doing it again. Besides walking 30minutes each day, the most important (and potent) version of exercise has been proven to be (total-body) Strength Training. When it comes to exercising to improve health, Strength Training (via a total-body workout) is the best use of our time. 1 time a week would be the minimum recommendation, reserved only for those that are extremely limited on time. 2 times a week is what I recommend for most, especially if you dislike exercise. 3 times a week is the golden standard and best reserved for those that also enjoy exercise. 4 or more times a week typically means you already love exercise and/or you have a very specific goal in mind that requires more effort. Personally, I do strength training 3 days a week. On the other days, I do other things. Mostly, I just walk. (You should too.) But if I only had time to one thing, Strength Training would be the best choice and the one I recommend for everyone. Lastly, it has been said that no one improves with exercise alone. We only improve when we recover from the exercise. More on that later… #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox #strengthtraining #totalbodyworkout #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #longevity #healthylifestyle #austintexas

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