2 Simple Home Workouts

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Everyone needs to do Strength Training. Seriously, it’s important and even more important as the years move forward. Strength Training will do more to improve health than just about anything under the sun. So DO SOMETHING. Keep in mind, to improve both Health & Appearance, good nutrition needs to be combined with Strength Training and ample Quality Rest (and plenty of “daily” movement such as walking). You don’t need a gym membership, fancy equipment or fancy exercises. You also don’t need to do long workouts. You just need to do it, consistently. Always. Today, for those more limited on time and maxed out on excuses, I have 2 simple workouts for you. Each workout has 4 exercises-Plank/Squat/Push/Pull, performed back to back in what is commonly known in the fitness world as a “Circuit”. (OverSIMPLIFIED EXPLANATION: The Plank is for the core. The Squat is for the hip & legs. The Push is for the chest, shoulders and the back of the arms. The Pull is for the back & biceps.) One is a BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT, the other uses a DUMBBELL or whatever you may have (don’t be afraid to go heavy here so long as your form is good!). Try starting out doing 2-3 rounds (aka “sets”) of all four exercises a couple of days each week. Watch the video for more details. Both routines can be done at home and completed in less than 10minutes. You have no excuse. Just so you know, anything above could be modified for a better fit, especially if anything is super uncomfortable or unfamiliar. If you’re more experienced, the modifications are endless. Listen to your body. DM with any questions. Start slow, build strong. I’m always here to help. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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