Avoid: “Paralysis by Analysis”

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Information, education and experience are all essential for growth. We have access to more information now than ever before. But with this abundance of knowledge (truths) and noise (non-truths), comes a phenomenon referred to as “paralysis by analysis”. This happens when we over-analyze information and end up frozen in our tracks because we don’t know what to do anymore. Meanwhile, someone else in a distant land managed to somehow make impressive progress despite some “new secret magic pill” because they simply made better use of their time and energy. Think about what typically happens every time we read something about nutrition, health or fitness. It seems there’s always new information out that is better than before. Most likely, it’s not. Rarely does new information come out that completely replaces previous wisdom. Sometimes, yes. Occasionally, it may even change everything. But most often, “new” information will not reinvent the wheel and will most likely only add to what we already know. One thing is for sure though, “new” developments will never stop coming. This is why I always (annoyingly) recommend focusing all efforts on the BIG fundamentals, those things that have always been good and will most likely always be good: QUALITY SLEEP, AMPLE DAILY MOVEMENT, EATING WHOLE-FOOD FRUITS & VEGETABLES, DRINKING CLEAN WATER, LAUGHING, SMILING, LOVING, ALTRUISM, etc. Keep in mind, new diet and exercise fads have been around as far back as the 18oo’s, if not earlier. I know because I’ve seen the material. We have way more diet and exercise options now than we’ve ever had YET despite all this great “new” stuff, we are more fat, sick, diseased, stressed, unhealthy and unhappy now than ever before. What glitters is rarely gold. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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