Strength Training should NEVER be complicated…


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The thought of trying to summarize a few Strength Training concepts in less than 1 minute seems impossible. It did prove impossible. However, today’s video was an attempt to get the wheels of your mind moving in a direction that allows you to digest the idea that it need NOT be complicated. Adults need to Strength Train a minimum of 1-2 times a week to maintain a healthy body for life. It doesn’t need to be crazy hard or difficult to benefit from it. Each workout can be as short as 5-10 minutes but it must include exercises that work the entire body. Instead of body parts think of big “movements of the body” such as Squatting, Pushing and Pulling. The generation of Californian bodybuilders that produced Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a bit of a lasting negative effect on the way normal people exercise that still exists to this day. People think workouts must include a dozen exercises that primarily work a bunch of little muscles groups like calves and biceps and that progress is not made without soreness and all sets done to failure. None of that is required or recommended for most people, especially beginners and novices. Most adults would be better served keeping workouts shorter with fewer exercises and a focus on moving well instead of sloppy. Of course, the choices are endless. Today, I wanted to demonstrate a simple short routine that most anyone could do at home with either 1 dumbbell or 1 kettlebell. The point is to do something. Anything is better than nothing as long as it is safe and can be repeated over time. No excuses. You can always do more. Just make sure that you are consistently doing something first. I’m always here if you have questions… #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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