“Your Whole Life has the same Shape as a Single Day” – Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

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Time Management is a high-art form. No one wants to be rushed or always in a hurry but refusing to plan anything is often a symptom of failure. That’s fine for someone ok with that. So far, I have met few. Most of us DO want various things to happen during our lifetime, during each day, etc. With regards to any said wants-needs-goals, until a general commitment of time has been set aside in the pre-planning stage of our minds, any details are basically irrelevant. We can’t just leave everything up to chance and expect things to go our way consistently. Waking up each day like it’s an accident removes the hidden power found in planning. Life is a blessing. Of course, not everything can be planned for but most of us know this. Regardless, being purposeful and deliberate has incredible value. Not everyone needs to be unforgivingly relentless. Intensity should be individualized and balance is always desirable. Personally, I value greatly both my Type A and my Type B personality traits. Without a personalized balance, things might all fall apart. Without proper planning, many things, also, might fall apart, if they ever begin at all. Embrace your “everything” and re-invest that magical power into each and every day by establishing and implementing some resemblance of a working system or plan. Writing things down can help a ton too. Happiness and healthiness are born from these fruitful actions. #jurassicpark #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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