Exercise is about more than Cosmetics.

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🧠🤸🏿‍♀️Minute Tips! Exercise is important for more than just cosmetics. It’s been scientifically proven to be some of the most potent medicine available to us… at a cost most anyone can afford (just a little TIME & ENERGY). It’s good to dedicate a fair amount of time to pushing our bodies and working up a sweat sometimes. A huge problem begins when we start to believe that this is the ONLY way to do any good. This is WRONG. Fact is, most Americans don’t exercise at all. And those that do, typically don’t do something every day. Why? Because too often we don’t have the time each day for all the effort (the changing of clothes, the drive, the gym, the hour workout, the drive back, change clothes again, shower, food, etc). If we’re not careful, we can easily create barriers that will eventually hold us back. At the moment, the Fitness culture in America is a huge mess. Too often it’s about how much, not how little. Instead of teaching consistency with a MINIMUM EFFECTIVE DOSAGE, many are adopting MAXIMUM DOSAGES that aren’t sustainable. But what if less effort were required? What if you didn’t have to change clothes or get sweaty every single time? Would that change your mind? My point is this: we need to move EVERY DAY to keep our bodies healthy for a lifetime. If not, things will wear out too soon. We can do simple stuff ANYWHERE for as little as 5 minutes that could keep our bodies healthier than if we did nothing. I’m not saying that exercising with intensity is not important. I’m saying that doing nothing should never be an option. Our bodies need us to move them in healthy ways each and every day. #bssbbooks #blueskystrongbox

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