2013 Carlton Workout/Training Plan for Health/Fitness/Mobility/Strength/Mobility/Invigoration

Jan 2013

MEAT & POTATOES: Three days a week (normally Mon/Wed/Fri) my training mimics that of Ben Bruno’s “The Power of 3 Program”, which i think is my personal favorite way to train. 3 lifts each session (push/pull/legs), rotating exercises and rep range each time in a Heavy(3-6reps)/Medium(6-9reps)/Lighter(10-15) load scheme. The “Heavy” exercise is done as a superset with both the “Medium” exercise and the “Light”. 6 sets total for the “Heavy” leaving 3 sets each for both the “Medium” & “Light”. To clarify, 1st superset is “Heavy” + “Medium” for 3 sets each in a superset. Then “Heavy(again” + “Light” for 3 sets each as the last super set. Very simple and very effective.

OFF DAYZ AMALGAMATION: On the other “off days” (normally Tue/Thur/Sat) i am attempting to do at least 1 or any combination of the following exercise challenges, rotating the same H/M/L load scheme depending on how i feel and how i am recovering from the previous workouts: Turkish Getups, KB Swings or Snatches, Farmers Carries or any other variety of the carry. I mostly do these 3! I might do some “power” explosive work or just stretch, do correctives or foam roll/stick if really tired or sore. I also plan to make this my energy system/cardio/interval/GPP/MetCon work for the week. So if need be, i might do some work at the end of each small session as a “finisher” or just wear my heart-rate monitor and make the exercises interval-ish. Make it simple Stupid. The  other obvious option is to go outside and play, not exercise. Have fun is the key. Be outside to any of this!!!

HYPERTROPHY COMPONANT: For each month i am planning on focusing on lean mass gains in at least 1 body part/area, possibly 2, using concepts from Chad Waterbury’s “HFT=High Frequency Training”. This means doing that same exercise each day, everyday for one month, each month. Each day you add 1 rep. I do the first set of each day adding the additional rep, then finish with sets of 10 or 15 for the ease of counting. Make sure to get your Ovaltine, i mean Protein in each day, preferably in varying rotation. I do these separately from my normal workouts if and when possible. It works well between clients. It also works well if i combine a stretch or corrective along with it. Or i can add some core work as well or in addition. Whatever works. The point is to work on weaknesses.

JOINT MOBILITY/SOFT TISSUE FLEXIBILITY: The hairy Russian, Pavel Tsatsouline, has brilliant insight in to many things. His ideas on joint health and flexibility are my focus for this year. I plan to alternate “Super Joint” moves & “Relax into Stretch” moves every day if i can as my morning movement or warmup/movement prep for my daily workouts.

CORRECTIVES/INTERVALS BETWEEN or WITH CLIENTS: My goal is work on my own corrective strategies each day, either while training my clients or between sessions. I plan to be very diligent. I should also plan to use these as warm-ups for each daily workout or in combination with each workout, be that a “meat & potatoes”, interval or energy work, grinds or HFT hypertrophy work. Just get it done. Do it often. Check my progress.

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