Oct-Nov 2012 Rough Wedding Workout Outline for Busy People

Hypertrophy. 3 sets x 6-12 reps. Heavy/Moderate variation. AMMENDMENT…after reading some Chad Waterbury, i was reminded that i should do smaller, more frequent (daily) sessions for body parts that i desire hypertrophy for. Start off with 50 reps and add a rep each day for a month. Also, to keep strength AND to take advantage of “post-activation-poteniation”, do my first “work” set of each major lift heavy (2-5 reps) and the next two sets 6-20 reps with a reasonably heavier load than i would have if i started with a higher rep set. So basically, Strength for the first set, then Hypertrophy for the rest. Vary the exercises, loads if needed. Work lagging parts (legs, shoulders, etc) most days of the week with mini sessions between clients of 50 + reps. Volume, volume, volume but NOT at the expense of time, wear and tear, etc.

EXAMPLE: Superset (modified EDT/HFT) “Quads & Shoulders” Superset 45LB KB Goblet Squats (50 total reps each day+ 1 rep added each day for 28 days) with 8LB DB Side Shoulder Laterals (75 total reps each day + 1 rep each added each day for 28 days). Add a few extra laterals on right side to bring up size more equal to left shoulder/trap. Maybe do 10-20 squats each set with 20-25 lateral raises each set till total reps is done. Do most days a week (4-6 days). Maybe add a 3rd exercise (Glute Hip Thrusts from a bench) for better hamstring/glute development and to better balance the daily  Quad work.

OPTIONAL = Daily Workouts 4-6 days a week of small mini-workouts for Hypertropy (Chad Waterbury Ideas)

Wed: Full Body Workout (OR Tue/Wed Split like Sat & Sun)

Sat: Push Movements (SPLIT)

Sun: Pull Movements (SPLIT)

*Monday=OFF(Partia lFood Fast)Tue=Getups/Thur=Swings/Fri=Tire Pull Sprints or Farmer’s Carries  (intervals on all days) Sunday=Swings as a Finisher (after Main “Pull” Workout)


Ia. Assisted/Weighted SL Squats x 8-12

Ib. Hanging(rings) Knee Raises + knee extension at top x 6-10 (be very still)

IIa. Incline Pushups on Stool/Pullup Rack Bottom Handles x 8-12

IIb. Stretch legs

IIIa. Farmer Bar UpperBody Clean to 2 Presses at top x 8-10

IIIb, (optional) add Shoulder Laterals/Face pull etc…2 sets of 10

IIIc. Calf Raises x 15-20


Ia. Bench Hip Thrust (No Weights-Practice) 3 x 10

Ib. (Pullup Plus) Ring Pullup (And Hold), Turn Upside Down, Fact Toes to the Floor, Then Go Back up Tall and Back Down Tall & Slowly 3 x 3

IIa. SL DL to a SA Tubing/Cable Row 3 x 8

IIIa. SWINGS w 70lb KB (Finisher) 3x 15

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