Autumn 2012

  • Map: always bring a map. keep in a safe, dry place or bag
  • Itinerary: Leave Plans with family, friends, Park Rangers, etc.
  • I.D. Passport, Driver’s License, Visa,
  • Money Purse/Wallet: I’d recommend 3-5 stash spots for emergency cash, credit cards, debit cards or contact information (names, email, phone # and addresses). Main Purse should be anti-theft kind (hidden from plain view)
  • Clothes: (cold weather: Layers…base layer or tshirt-fleece-coat-rain shell, Wool Sox, Beanie, Mitton/Fingerless Gloves, Hiking Shoes/Boots, Camp Shoes/Watersox, Thermals, Rain Shell Coat, Comfortable Hiking Pants. warm weather: Swimming Shorts, Sleep Shorts & tanktop, Flip Flops, Long Sleeve Cotton Sunblock Shirt), Hoodie, Base Layer Hoodie,
  • Hat(s): Hats for shade, Beanie, Fleece-Ear-Cover Hats w Pigtails
  • Bandana: or Stretchy Multi-Scarf/Mask thingy (keep sun off neck AND dust out of mouth and nose)
  • Sunglasses: Carrying Case, Head String for Sunglasses
  • Backpack: Daypack (smaller, maybe a Camel-Pac with water bladder), Big Main Pack (for carrying Everything), Backpack Rain Shell, Carabiners, Clips for hanging wet socks, clothes to dry while hiking
  • Toiletries: Deodorant, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Gum, Mirror, Soap & Towel, Ear Plugs, Bite-guard, Eye Mask, Digestive Enzymes, Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, Mole-Skin, Extra Duct Tape
  • Medicine/First Aid: Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, Mosquito Repellant, Benadryl, Aspirin, Anti-Diarrhrea, Digestive Enzymes, Malaria Medication, Proper Vaccines, Band-aids & bandages, Peroxide, Neosporin, Duct Tape
  • Emergency Stuff: Satellite or Cell Phone, Signal Mirror, Space Blanket, Duct Tape, Trash Bag, Para-chord, Backup Food & Water, Candles, Balloons or Condoms (for water storage), Razor Blades, Flares, Generic Anti-Biotic “Z-Pack”, Duct Tape, Emergency Phone Numbers and Names of people to contact
  • Lights: Head Lamp, Flashlights, Big Lantern (batteries? OR propane?), Candles
  • Fire: Fire Making device (matches, lighter, etc), Wood, Starter Sticks, Starter Brick, Newspaper, Fire Gloves, Shovel, Wind Block, Grill for Fire
  • Water: Steel or Water Bottles, Gallon Jugs, Extra Container, Camel-Pac/Bladder, Dromedary, Water Purification Device, Liquid or Tablets
  • Food-Water Cooler(s)
  • Ice: Ice bag(s), Ice Packets, Insulation Sleeves
  • Food & Drinks: Any Beverages (coffee, tea, beer), Smores, Nutella w Cinnamon Raisin Bread, HEB Heritage Hotdogs w Wheat Flat-Round Buns, Little Beef Smokie-Sausages wrapped in Crescent Bisquit, Mustard, Chili, Chips & Dip, Cookies, Baked goods, Fruit
  • Food Prep-Utensils: Plates & Cups, coffee or hot tea mugs, Matches/Lighter-FireStarter, Fire Brick, News Paper, Tin Foil, Trash Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Sauce Pan, Flat Pan, Scrub Brush & Soap, Tongs, Hot-Dog Poles, Spatula, Paper Towels, Wet-Wipes, Cooking Spray, Seasoning (Salt, Pepper, etc)
  • Cooking Stove: Stove, Grill top for Fire, any fuel for stove
  • Cutlery: Multi-tool, Basic Knife, Hatchet, Wood Saw, Fish Fillet Knife
  • Camping Chairs: (Hunting Stools, Hammock, etc)
  • Tent: Main Tent-Poles-Stakes w Rain Cover, Tent Ground Tarp, Sting for hanging clothes around inside of tent, IF AT BEACH: Big Net Tent or Tarp
  • Tent Accessories: Mallet & Good Stakes, Air Mattress, Air Pump for Mattress, Base Layer Blankets, Pillows, Knee Pillows, Sleeping Pad, Bed Sheets
  • Sleeping Bag: Sleeping Bag & cover, Sleeping Pad
  • Sleeping Accessories: Ear Plugs, Face Mask, Portable Fan, Piss Jug, Gun, Early Alert Alarm System (sting and cans), Knee Pillow, Bed Sheets
  • Gun: optional
  • Radio: optional
  • Hiking Poles: (Wood, Metal, Self-Defense Spear)
  • Bikes: Pump, Extra Tube
  • Bear Protection: Bear Spray, Bear Gun, Bear Canister, Bear Bells, Rope for Food Hanging, Night-time Early Alert Alarm System
  • Extras: Rope w weighted attachment for pulling dead limbs down from trees, Fishing Poles & Tackle, Frisbee/Football, Camera, Video Camera, Books, Computer (watch Movie), Radio, Bag-Holder for collecting wood, Shovel, Shit-bucket, Pooper-Skooper Shovel

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