Ido Portal Training – Pullup Progression Should be mostly kept to the 5 Rep Range

There is little reason to devote any substantial amount of training to move someone beyond the 5 rep range in the Pull Up exercise with one’s bodyweight.

Dont get me wrong, my students can do dozens of reps when requested or lift a substantial amount of added weight if needed, but we rarely do so..

I was requested not long ago in some event to perform 25 pull ups. I performed them almost to h

ip height with no kip and momentum used and I could have gone much further.
In another occasion one of my students performed a chin up in a test with an added 75KG to his body. We never performed ONE REP of weighted chin ups before.So, what shall we do when we achieve a clean, tempo, pronated 5RM Pull Up?
Its time now for further neuromuscular complexity. One direction can be to explore Muscle Ups and from there Gymnastics Ring Sequences, another is to explore the One Arm Chin Up. Those are just two examples, there are numerous other ones we share in our advanced seminars.By working towards these more complex goals, intensity and capacity are guaranteed, but not vise versa!

The problem arises when trainers with little understanding of WHERE TO GO NEXT are the ones responsible for the training process. For them I recommend attending one of our certification course The Ido Portal Method – Upper Body Strength Training where we cover all the basic progressions, technical execution of every element and basic programming for upper body strength.

Dont waste your time running after intensity and volume alone – especially in light of our shoulder girdle’s sophisticated structure.

‘The scapula craves complexity!’

* Photo by Chris Tai Melodista – Odelia working with some Archer Chin Ups

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