September 2012 CRC Workout Ideas & Strategy

  • Eat more protein. Stop using Melatonin, except Sunday nights. Try to get to bed before 10:30pm.
  • Periodized Interval Work (Airdyne, Hill Sprints, KB Snatches & Swings, Jumprope, Burpees, Core Circuits, BB Complexes) *Wear and use HR Monitor. *Push the threshold to force adaptation by “disrupting homeostasis”
  • Corrective Exercise (Gray Cook) and Supersetted Active Rest &/OR TV Stretching (Relax into Stretch – Pavel)
  • 3 Full Body Strength Routines a week. Do intervals on off days when possible to help with recovery.Finding a way to blend and improve Strength/Hypertrophy/Gymnastics Skills/Endurance.
  • Heavy/Medium/Light days always sound nice on paper but the reality is that “life” happens. I think it best to shoot for specified days but most importantly listen to my body. For Example, if i feel a “heavy” day on a lighter day, then go “heavy”.  This theme should be applied to all days, even as far as completely taking a day off from training if needed.
  • A great option is do one “HEAVY” movement each session, Hypertrophy the rest. Also adding one “dynamic effort” exercise each session is a great addition.
  • Another great option is Jason Ferrugia’s 3 day full body plan(Conjugate Periodization Method)…Max Effort Day/Dynamic Effort Day (Plyo/Med Ball/Fast reps/Quick lifts) or Repeated Effort Day(hypertrophy work)/Modified-Repeated Effort Day(keep 1-2 reps in the bank day, including Strongman Training). This could also be modifed so that the Heavy Day is one day, Medium (hypertrophy or “conservative” load Strongman Work on another, Ply0/Med Ball/Lighter Quick Lifts that last day as a “Lighter” day.
  • Full body each strength session. Alternate Hip/Knee…Hor/Vert PUSH…Hor/Vert PULL…corrective exercises….stretches. If needed for recovery purposes, switch to Push/Pull days every other session…keeping it still full body each time.
  • Roll-da-Dice KB Swing varieties on “off” days. 10-20 swings at a time. Recover to around 135 bpm…so wear HR Monitor!
  • Last month i did a week or so of 3 days Upper Body/3 days Lower Body Split. All days consecutively. Done for quick Hypertrophy (combined with an increase in protein uptake and overall calories. It seemed to work ok.
  • Dan John “Intervention” DVD. Gray Cook “Secret…Series DVD, Applying the FMS Model, Kilgore’s book “FIT”…endurance, multi-element fitness chapters, Pavel’s “Naked Warrior”, Steve Low’s “Overcoiming Gravity”, Martin Rooney’s “Warrior Cardio”. Jason Ferrugia website articles, Eric Cressey articles, Mark Vestegen Protocol, just to name a few references this last week or so….
  • Find a way to use Prowler!
  • Farmers Carries and the whole family…
  • Utilize ISOMETRIC holds on the last rep of each set!
  • End Sets with Energy Interval Work after 50Reps of Joint Integrity Work (alternating upper/lower body each session(



Wednesday – 1 Quick Lift. 1 Heavy Lift (TB Deadlift). Superset with Handstand>stretch for long rest periods, Hypertrophy Push (Med Ball Pushups)>AB Wheel(work on vertical stance), Hypertrophy Horizontal Row (upside down rows)

Friday – 1 Quick Lift (KB Snatch). 1 Heavy Push (Handstands, Behind the Neck Thick Bar Presses), Hypertrophy Pull (Pullups)/Knee Dominant (SL SQUATS), 2-3 circuit sets (calves, bicep, tricep, abs) at the end of workout before “joint integrity” work and Interval Finishers.

Sunday – Maybe No Quick Lift. Heavy Getups – 1 Heavy Pull – Hypertrophy Push

“Off/Rest Days” = Roll-da-Dice KB Swings. Take at least one day off completely.

Sept 1 – DL 1-2 rep range 335Lb Trap Bar (rest 5 minutes) superset>5 Pullups>10 MedBall Incline PUshups

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