Corrective Exericse for myself…

September 2012

* PVC Overhead Squats for Shoulder/Hip mobility and rhythm.

* Leg Lift/Nerve Floss Stretch

* Yoga Lunge with Arm Raise over head with opposite arm…stretching and breathing the Thoracic Spine into better mobility.

* Inversation Table – Lay Upside down when i have time (massage Psoas & Illium and anything else i can find while upside down)

* Trigger Points in Adductors, Hip Flexor, Neck Muscles, etc

August 2012

*I am re-reading Gray Cook’s first book, “Athletic Body in Balance” and an article he wrote for his Balanced Body series called, “Static Stretching”. Re-read later to see highlighted points to remember. Today i finally feel i am getting a better understanding of corrective exercise and the re-setting of quality movement patterns.

Basically my FMS Deep Squat and Shoulder Mobility Reach both suck. Probably both bad 2s at best, but honestly probably both 1s. I might even have a legitimate asymmetry with my right shoulder/thoracic region. I can squat low but my back rounds, arms fall beyond the feet, my feet then turn out. Time to work it out…

First things first, breathing. I am focusing on breathing complete diaphram breaths in hope that my thoracic spine and scapula will work better together, in rhythm. I know my shoulder capsules are on the tight side. I am working on stretches to help this, (mainly the sleeper stretch + ball for any trigger points, stick and foam roll lats, pecs and teres major region, stretch all this as well, pull-parts, dislocate-stretches some,  getup focus, handstands, T-Spine mobs, etc)

Deep Squat – I am using the 2×4 under the heals(feet Straight Ahead, shoulder-width apart-knees to the outside- focusing on keeping feet straight ahead), while pressing firmly into my 9lb, from the standing position all the way down to the bottom. black leather med ball, then reaching SLOWLY 8/4/8 overhead with each arm, one at a time. I am also pulling myself into the deep squat, using the hip-flexors, by rapping a Iron-Woody Green band through the gymnastic rings and pulling downward. I then do the deep squat stretch (holding onto the pole) to see if the bottom position is any easier to maintain without assistance. The focus is on coordination, especially with the core and hips as a team. I am using spider man stretches, as well as 90/90 HipFlexor/Psoas stretches (w arm reach) and hip external rotation stretches to help with further opening of the hips. Add half-kneeling “lifts” (Chops & Lifts) seems to help with my lack of proper right-hip/knee stabilization, control. Also stretching ankles (dorsiflexion).

Summary: Better Diaphram Expansion, Better T-spine Mobility, Better Mobility/Flexibility in Shoulders(especially right side), Better Mobility/Flexibility in Hips(especially right hip), Better flexibility in Calves (dorsiflexion), Better contact/tissue quality of Feet, Better overall Coordination in DEEP SQUAT pattern… i a baby leaning how to walk again. I must also learn to breath PROPERLY throughout ALL movments, especially the bottom position of the Deep Squat…and especially while doing the bottom overhead reaches of the Correctives! 🙂

all this and i haven’t even gotten to the other stuff… haha. Honestly, i think the Deep Squat and Shoulder Mobility on the FMS Screen are my two worst. Both about equally sh*tty.

* i am also trying to do 1-2 sets of 15-50 reps daily (or joint specific on workout days at end of workout as “cool down”…Ex: Legs = Knee & Hip Integrity Work) of “joint integrity” work. Slow eccentrics, pause isometric,  focused faster concentrics. Knees (Hack Squats or Plies with calf raise at top) & Hips(Floor Bridges…both hands on Diaphram, focus on strong inhale on rise and exhale on fall, all the while keeping braced. elevate legs with lift and toes off the ground), Elbows (dips) & Shoulders (? )…. i am finding that doing a 3sets x 15reps of a superset of 2 upper/lower “joint integrity work” works well. i like the calf-raised hack-squat/tricep pushup to up dog(calf stretch) to be a nice combination.

Constantly retest FMS on myself.

At the end of every workout, stand on right leg…with proper stabilization and allignment (perfectly forward and locked out at hip with CONTROL) Repeat 3-5 reps of 30 second holds. As of 8/20/12 i was able to hold straight and tight for the first time in a long time. I am thankful.

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