Warmup-Activation-Prehab-Movement Prep-Recovery, etc…whatever you wanna call it.

August 2012 Working ideas

*Begin with focus on correct relaxed Diaphram Breathing while moving…

Assisted Deep Squat (holding pole) to standing Hip Hinge Hamstring Stretch Side to Sides

Mobility Squats (progressively deeper unassisted squats with arm extended out front and used as ‘Drivers” when they move to overhead at the top of the squat) Slow, steady, stretch…

Seated or Kneeling Thoracic Spine Rotations > Shoulder Prehab-Rehab (wallslides, pullaparts, YTWL)

Pavel’s “Russian Back-bend” on supported hands

Quad Rocking back and forth > Hand on Stomach Quadrapeds

90/90 Hip Flexor Stretch Mobs w Illio-Psoas Reach > “Prisoner” Split Squats

Long Arm Up-Down Dog (stretch calves + maybe add inch work walks) > Long arm Stationary Spider man stretch OR Yoga Hip-Dance Hip Flexor Torso Stretch (NY Ballet Workout book pg 95)

Sideways walk (w tubing above knees) > SL Med Ball ground rolling to partner SLDL pick up

Chop & Lifts > Getups

Carries (overhead, farmers, suitcase)

(Meat & Potatoes Ex: = Power/Reactive, Heavy DLs, Split Sqat to Row, Pushups or Kneeling Airex Presses,  Overhead Press type as finisher…med ball squat to floor-tough to overhead, sl hops, lateral hops, push press, etc)

Foam Roll/Stick work/Lacross Ball work

Cat-Camel Prone Stretch

Butt Bridges (2 leg or 1 leg “Cook Lifts”)

Supine Leg Lifts

(Holding pole) Deep Hip Stretch to Standing Tall Hamstring stretches, leaning to each side for further the stretch.

Goblet stretch to Halos at the top

Stationary Side Lunges

Backward Warrior Lunges with Psoas Stretch

Up-Down Dog with Inch Worm (stretch calves at top)

Long Arm Plank with Alternating Spider Man Legs

Arm Circles

Sideways hops


Getups (partial or full movments)

Pushups (add scapular-“pushup+” if needed…)

“Relax into Stretch”

Sideways X-band or Bent-Knee-Squat-Knee-Band Walks

Steve Maxwell KB Warmup (i like his “loosen up” dance between movements)

Quadraped Rocking

Kneeling Perpendicular 90 degree adductor Mobs

T-Spine Rotations (sitting)

No Money Drill

Walking Planks (all variations)


Med Ball Work

Chops & Lifts

Core Medleys (Quadraped, Plank, Side Plank, Ab Wheel, PVC Crunches, Getups to the 1st power, etc)

Squat to Row (using tubing or cable)

Lunge to Tubing Chest Press

Wall Slides for Scapula/Shoulders

90/90 Hip Flexor Mobs

Lying Supine Glute/Piriformis Mobs OR Seated (on a bench) Cross-leg Piriformis Push-downs OR Eric Cressey Walking Hip Rotations (pick up leg towards chest)

Paul Chek Warmup (Arms Pronation/Rotation with Neck Rotations…in concert together)

Dan John, Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey, Mark Verstegen, Coach Dos, Pavel, etc Warmup ideas and routines

*Coach Dos advice from my FB comment conversation with him…”Quick Warmup”=Foam Roll, 3 Moderately Loaded TGU’s on each side, BB Complex=5 reps each of Jump Shrugs, Front Squat, Push Press, RDL, Judo-Dive-Bomb Pushups

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